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location, click Images Below for More Info. It projects like a beast and lasts long. Sexy, Romantic, Passionate, Sensual. Ive been very very very pleased with alot of fragrances, but there is no fragrance in this world that has left the impression that Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier has left. We would love to hear from you. With Le Male, there is never any worry about that. This IS the greatest fragrance of all time, and it shouldnt be knocked because so many of tried copying it and it shouldnt be knocked because it doesnt smell funky or like a womens perfume. For me, its the greatest fragrance in the world. Ive smelled the other popular designer night time/sexy/romantic scents like A*Men, Pure Malt, Armani Code, La Nuit de L'homme, Allure, many many more.

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sex datings sits

First of all, the scent itself. Its overall financial success in the fragrance industry shouldnt be something that you fault this fragrance for, but something that should be recognized and rewarded. And can someone smell me from over there. Ive smelled the popular niche amateur sex prive fragrances in the class such as Musc Ravageur, Tobacco Vanille, New Haarlem, Chergui, and many manny more. From the amazing Mint and Lavender opening, to the absolutely hypnotizing Vanilla middle and drydown, this fragrance is absolute sex in a bottle, an absolute lady killer, and must be by far the most complimented fragrance of all time.

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